This Is Me

When making film, achieving a cinematic way to tell a story is essential. As a film editor, I’m one of the last people involved in a chain of storytellers. Working with picture, sound and music makes film editing a wonderful and exciting way to make an audience optimally engage and submerge themselves in the story that is told.

After graduating in both editing and sound design from the Dutch Film School in 1996, I have edited mostly feature films, tv-series and short films. A lot of those have been nominated and/or awarded at various film festivals around the world, such as the Dutch Film Festival, the International Emmy Awards in New York, the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Prix Europe in Berlin, and Youth Awards at Giffoni Hollywood Los Angeles and Reel2Reel in Vancouver.

Besides being a film editor, I teach a yearly one-week workshop on sound and film editing at the Dutch Film School, I’m co-founder and board member of the Netherlands Association of Cinema-Editors (NCE), a member of the Dutch Academy For Film (DAFF) and the European Film Academy (EFA).

A couple of years ago, my fascination with telling stories through images has resulted in my taking up still photography. Since then, I travel the world for a few weeks every year, meeting people and looking for photographic opportunities. The diversity of working with both the moving and the still image has broadened my horizon intensely and has given a new impulse to my work as a film editor.



Drama is life without the dull bits.

Alfred Hitchcock