Old Money


Old Money is a family story and a story about the banking world, with a sideline to the world of the art trade. The Bussink Bank, a small but reputable family bank, has been in the hands of the Bussink family since 1860. The series starts with the partial takeover of the family bank by the large internationally oriented HollandBank. Splinter Bussink resigns as director of the Bussink Bank. The end of an era. He appoints his son Kiet as his successor in the board of directors. However, old Bussink can not resist to continue to interfere with the trade and walking of ‘his’ bank. Splinter is not allowed to sell his shares in the Bussink Bank, but he decides to give it to his three children: Kiet, Ole and Pup. Not only does he protect his own position, Bussink Bank remains the largest shareholder, but he also involves his children at the bank, in the hope that the Bussink family will make one front and help Kiet. Splinters proposal caused a great commotion, not only with Hollandbank, but also with his children. The Bussink family is struggling with difficulty in this modern era, in which traditions disappear and the money market becomes more aggressive and international.


» Best TV-Drama, Dutch Academy Awards 1998
» Best TV-Drama, Dutch Academy Awards 1999
» Silver Nipkow Disc 1999