Monkey Business


NB: Video in Dutch, no subtitles (yet).

Appie and Aisia take turns in accompanying their father, who works in the zoo. The curious and energetic preschoolers have lots of adventures and learn from the behaviour of the animals. They help their father, but what they love most is going through the zoo on their own. They discover how animals can hide themselves by changing color, they feed the seals and find out that a hard-boiled egg cannot be hatched anymore. In Monkey Business we get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of two six-year-olds, and we see what this poetic, wayward and adventurous kids’-world looks like.


» Cinekid Kinderkast (4-6 year-olds) (Audience Award), 2015
» Cinekid Kinderkast Fiction (Jurors’ Award), 2015