In a chalet in Tirol, Austria, a Dutch family spends a long weekend together. The family consists of mother Els and father Jan, their sultry daughter Bibi with her husband, the failed writer Von, and the socially successful son Nico with his chattering wife, Sandra. The reason for being together is less fun. Mother Els is very ill, she has cancer. She’s has her final treatments and knows that she is going to die. Her husband thought it would be a good idea to bring the family together again. But straight from the start all goes wrong. Nico and Sandra are already fighting in the car. The others also reluctantly come to the chalet. On the first night, Nico is so drunk that he blames his mother for childhood memories. Bibi wants to speak to her brother urgently, but he brushes her off. Things get totally out of control when it turns out that father Jan has had a relationship with his secretary for years. And then mother Els comes with her surprise.


» Certificate of Merit, San Francisco International Film Festival 2001
» Golden Calf for Best TV-Drama, Dutch Film Festival 2001
» Film Critics’ Award, Dutch Film Festival 2001