Four old student friends are temporarily thrown back on each other due to circumstances. Joep is a member of the House of Representatives. He is in a marital crisis and lives with his friend Pieter for the time being. Pieter works as an official at the municipality. For years he has been allowed to pick a painting from the municipal art depot for his birthday, but now that those paintings have increased in value, the municipality wants the artwork back. Tom is a coke-addicted top lawyer. He tries to help Pieter, but because of his addiction he has actually been eliminated as a lawyer. The fourth friend, Maarten, is on the verge of the premiere of his play in which Joep’s 18-year-old daughter, with whom Maarten secretly has a relationship, plays a role. The men decide to help each other out of feelings of solidarity, but the old friendship and earlier expectations can not withstand the test of time and their selfish ambitions.


» Prix Europa, Berlin 2005
» Audience Award, Dutch Film Festival 2003
» Special Jury Award, Dutch Film Festival 2003